Thank you for your response. You are absolutely correct. Before this week, I thought my household was oriented in equality, justice, progressive values. We had the books. We had the conversations. We started talking about skin color and hate and melanin and enslaved people from the time we started to talk. We deliberately selected our schools so our children would be among black and brown bodies and not majority white ones. BUT BUT BUT! The care and concern over getting all these conversations *just right,* the capacity to engineer our lives to be rooted in our values, all of it, is based on the privilege of not living in fear every day because of these systems. I had not talked about police brutality until this week with my 2- and 4-year-olds because I did not have to until this week. Until this week, I told my children that police were “community helpers.” I am sick at that now. I am listening. I am learning. I am here for change.

Writer with a master’s degree in psychology. Helpful, science-backed writing about mental health, mindfulness, and motherhood.

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